Pressure distribution over a thick, tapered and twisted monoplane wing model-NACA 81-J

Wenzinger, Carl J

This reports presents the results of pressure distribution tests on a thick, tapered and twisted monoplane wing model. The investigation was conducted for the purpose of obtaining data on the aerodynamic characteristics of the new wing and to provide additional information suitable for use in the design of tapered cantilever wings. The tests included angles of attack up to 90 degrees. The span loading over the wing was approximately of elliptical shape, which gave rise to relatively small bending moments about the root. The angle of zero lift for all sections along the span varied only within plus or minus 0.4 degree of the angle of zero lift for the whole wing, resulting in small leading edge loads for the high-speed condition of flight. The results also add to the available information for the study of large angles of attack.

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