The effect of propellers and nacelles on the landing speeds of tractor monoplanes

Ray Windler
May 1932

This paper reports wind-tunnel tests giving the lift coefficients of large-scale wing-nacelle combinations both with and without the propeller. The tests were made to show the effect of nacelles, and idling and stopped propellers on the landing speeds of tractor monoplanes. Four types of nacelles with various cowlings were used in numerous positions with respect to both a Clark Y and a thick airfoil. The effect of both the idling and stopped propeller on lift, and consequently on landing speed, was negligible. A nacelle with exposed engine cylinders when placed directly in front of an airfoil caused a slight reduction in lift, consequently an increase in landing speed, over the condition with the wing alone. With this exception no appreciable effect on landing speed was indicated for any of the other combinations.

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