Preliminary investigation of rolling moments obtained with spoilers on both slotted and plain wings

Fred E. Weick, Carl J. Wenzinger
Apr 1932

A wind-tunnel study has been made to determine the possibility of developing spoilers suitable for providing the lateral control for airplanes in place of the usual ailerons. The first tests were made on a model wing with a fixed tip slot, but when it was found that the effectiveness of the spoilers did not depend to any great extent on the slot, tests were made on a plain wing also. In both cases certain spoiler positions were found which were free from the usual adverse rolling moments with small deflections. Five different forms of spoiler were tested, the best ones being simple plates, either straight or slightly curved to fit the contour of the airfoil when not deflected. Sufficient rolling moment can probably be obtained from spoilers of reasonable size to provide satisfactory lateral control for certain types of airplanes.

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