Reduction of turbulence in wind tunnels

Dryden, Hugh L

A brief nonmathematical outline is given of modern views as to the nature of the effect of turbulence, and their bearing on the desirability of designing wind tunnels for small or large turbulence. Experiments made on a particular wind tunnel for the purpose of reducing the turbulence are described, to illustrate the influence of certain factors on the magnitude of the turbulence. Moderate changes in the size, shape, and wall thickness of cells of the honeycomb were found to have little effect. The addition of a room honeycomb at the entrance was also of little value in reducing the turbulence. The turbulence decreased with increasing distance between the honeycomb and the measuring station. A further decrease was obtained by using a large area reduction in the entrance cone, with the honeycomb at the extreme entrance end. (author)

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