A comparison of the aerodynamic characteristics of the normal and three reflexed airfoils in the variable density wind tunnel

Defoe, George L
August 1931

An investigation was made of the aerodynamic effects of reflexing the trailing edge of three commonly used airfoils. Six airfoils were used in the investigation: three having the normal profiles of the Navy 60, the Boeing 106, and the Gottingen 398, and three having these profiles modified to obtain a reflexed trailing edge with the mean camber line changed to give Cmc/4=0. The tests were conducted at a value of the Reynolds Number of approximately 3,100,000 in the variable density wind tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Measurements of lift, drag, and pitching moment were made on each of the six airfoils. The expected reduction of the center of pressure travel was obtained. The maximum lift was reduced approximately 12 per cent and the minimum profile drag approximately 4 per cent.

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