Pressure distribution over a symmetrical airfoil section with trailing edge flap

Jacobs, Eastman N Pinkerton, Robert M

Measurements were made to determine the distribution of pressure over one section of an R. A. F. 30 (symmetrical) airfoil with trailing edge flaps. In order to study the effect of scale measurements were made with air densities of approximately 1 and 20 atmospheres. Isometric diagrams of pressure distribution are given to show the effect of change in incidence, flap displacement, and scale upon the distribution. Plots of normal force coefficient versus angle of attack for different flap displacements are given to show the effect of a displaced flap. Plots are given of both the experimental and theoretical characteristic coefficients versus flap angle, in order to provide a comparison with the theory. It is concluded that for small flap displacements the agreement for the pitching and hinge moments is such that it warrants the use of the theoretical parameters. However, the agreement for the lift is not as good, particularly for the smaller flaps. In an appendix, an example is given of the calculation of the load and moments on an airfoil with hinged flap from these parameters.

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