Tests of N.A.C.A. airfoils in the variable-density wind tunnel Series 43 and 63

Eastman N. Jacobs, Robert M. Pinkerton
Sep 1931

This note is one of a series covering an investigation of a family of related airfoils. It gives in preliminary form the results obtained from tests in the N.A.C.A. Variable-Density Wind Tunnel of two groups of six airfoils each. One group, the 43 series, has a maximum mean camber of 4 per cent of the chord at a position 0.3 of the chord from the leading edge; the other group, the 63 series, has a maximum mean camber of 6 per cent of the chord at the same position. The members within each group differ only in maximum thickness, the maximum thickness/chord ratios being:0.06, 0.09, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, and 0.21. The results are analyzed with a view to indicating the variation of the aerodynamic characteristics with profile thickness for airfoils having a certain mean camber line.

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