Endurance and other properties at low temperatures of some alloys for aircraft use

H. W. Russell, W. A. Welcker, Jr.
Jun 1931

The low temperature endurance properties of materials for aircraft construction are not well known. In order to determine them, apparatus for testing endurance at -40 C has been devised. The endurance properties of monel metal, low-carbon stainless steel, 18 and *, 3 1/2 percent Ni steel and chromium-molybdenum steel have been determined at -40 C and at room temperature about +20 C. Tensile, impact and hardness tests of these materials have also been made at various temperatures. The results show an increase in endurance limit, tensile strength, and hardness with decreased temperature. Impact strength is, in general, decreased, but of all the alloys tested, only one, low-carbon stainless steel, gives less than 15 ft. lb. Chrpay impact test at -40 C.

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