Strength in shear of the thin curved sheets of Alclad

George Michael Smith
Jun 1930

This note is on an investigation made to obtain information on the strength of thin curved sheets of Alclad in shear. Designers may utilize this material as a strength member as well as for a covering for the wings and fuselages. A reduction may then be made in the size of the internal strength members. These experiments were undertaken with the object of securing the maximum value from the metal in this respect. The point at which buckling occurs is of primary importance. The buckling shear of a curved thin plate was determined mathematically and also experimentally. The following formula was obtained mathematically: s=K E t/r in which s is the unit shear, K is a constant, E is the modulus of elasticity, t is the thickness of the material, and r is the radius of curvature. The value of K as determined by the experiments was found to be .075. This formula applies only when s is within the elastic limit of the material. The breaking point of the material was obtained in most of the tests as a matter of information and the results are included in this report. The effect of the supporting ribs was determined by varying the number used.

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