Effect of variation of chord and span of ailerons on rolling and yawing moments in level flight

Heald, R H Strother, D H

This report presents the results of an investigation of the rolling and yawing moments due to ailerons of various chords and spans on two airfoils having the Clark Y and U. S. A. 27 wing sections. Some attention is devoted to a study of the effect of scale on rolling and yawing moments and to the effect of slightly rounding the wing tips. The results apply to level flight with the wing chord set at an angle of attack of +4 degrees and to conditions of zero pitch, zero yaw, and zero roll of the airplane. It is planned later to extend the investigation to other attitudes for monoplane and biplane combinations. The work was conducted in the 10 foot wind tunnel of the Bureau of Standards on models of 60-inch span and 10-inch chord. (author)

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