Design and experimental investigation of a single-stage turbine with a rotor entering relative Mach number of 2

Moffitt, Thomas P
September 15, 1958

The design and experimental investigation of a single-stage supersonic turbine are presented herein. The turbine was designed for a rotor entering relative Mach number of 2. The maximum equivalent specific work output of the turbine at design speed and approximately design over-all pressure ratio was 32.9 BTU per pound at a static efficiency of 0.414. This static efficiency gave good verification to an independent reference that indicated theoretical static efficiencies for similar single-stage turbines within the range 0.40 to 0.45. An experimental ratio of effective rotor blade momentum thickness to mean camber length was determined to be 0.0014, which compares favorably with the results obtained from several transonic and subsonic turbines. The design procedure for this turbine would have been improved by allowing for more rotor losses by assuming a value of this momentum parameter comparable with those obtained from transonic turbines. Removing a large portion of the rotor suction surface enabled a lower static pressure to be felt at the stator exit, at the expense of higher rotor losses. The net result was an improvement in turbine work output of about 3 percent at design setting conditions. No problems associated with supersonic starting were encountered even under the worst conditions of turbine operation with respect to this problem.

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