Tests on models of three British airplanes in the variable density wind tunnel

Higgins, George J (Bureau Of Aeronautics (Navy), Washington, DC) Defoe, George L Diehl, W S

This report contains the results of tests made in the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics variable density wind tunnel on three airplane models supplied by the British Aeronautical Research Committee. These models, the BE-2E with R.A.F. 19 wings, the British Fighter with R.A.F. 15 wings, and the Bristol Fighter with R.A.F. 30 wings, were tested over a wide range in Reynolds numbers in order to supply data desired by the Aeronautical Research Committee for scale effect studies. The maximum lifts obtained in these tests are in excellent agreement with the published results of British tests, both model and full scale. No attempt is made to compare drag data, owing to the emission of tail surfaces, radiator, etc., from the model, but is shown that the scale effect observed on the drag coefficients in these tests is due to a large extent to the parts of the models other than the wings. (author)

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