Measurements in a shock tube of heat-transfer rates at the stagnation point of a 1.0-inch-diameter sphere for real-gas temperatures up to 7,900 R

Alexander P. Sabol
Aug 1958

Heat-transfer rates at the stagnation point of 1.0-inch-diameter glass spherical models have been measured in shock-tube flows in air which corresponded to free-flight conditions between Mach numbers of 6.4 and 13.9 with stagnation temperatures up to 7,900 degrees R. The heat-transfer rates were determined from measurements of the surface-temperature change with time of a thin-film-platinum resistance thermometer. Test results are presented and compared with the results from the theories of Lees (Jet Propulsion, April 1956) and Fay and Riddell (AVCO Research Report 1).

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