Combustion time in the engine cylinder and its effect on engine performance

Marvin, Charles F , Jr

As part of a general program to study combustion in the engine cylinder and to correlate the phenomena of combustion with the observed performance of actual engines, this paper presents a sketchy outline of what may happen in the engine cylinder during the burning of a charge. It also suggests the type of information needed to supply the details of the picture and points out how combustion time and rate affect the performance of the engine. A theoretical concept of a flame front which is assumed to advance radially from the point of ignition is presented, and calculations based on the area and velocity of this flame and the density of the unburned gases are made to determine the mass rate of combustion. From this rate the mass which has been burned and the pressure at any instant during combustion are computed. This process is then reversed in an effort to determine actual rates of combustion and flame velocities from the pressures as recorded on indicator diagrams. The effects of different rates of combustion on engine performance are then discussed and the importance of proper spark advance is emphasized.

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