Pressure distribution tests on PW-9 wing models showing effects of biplane interference

Fairbanks, A J

In this report tests are described in which the distribution of pressures over models of the wings of the PW-9 Airplane was investigated. The wing models were tested individually and in the biplane combination. The investigation was conducted in the atmospheric wind tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. It is concluded in this paper that the effect of biplane interference on the pressures on the wings is practically confined to the lower surface of the upper wing and the upper surface of the lower wing; that the overhanging portion of the upper wing is not greatly affected by the presence of the lower wing; and that a slight washing at the center section of the upper wing satisfactorily compensates for a reduced chord at this section (providing the airfoil section is not mutilated) and prevents a large reduction in the normal force over this portion of the wing.

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