Low tire friction and cornering forces on a wet surface

Eziaslav N. Harrin
SEP 1958

An exploratory investigation was made to study typical tire behavior on wet runways, to determine the mechanisms by which water on runways reduced tire forces, and to determine the extent of this tire-force reduction. A specially constructed tire treadmill served as a tire test vehicle which allowed easy control of such pertinent parameters as water depth on the treadway or belt which served as the runway, tire inflation pressure, belt velocity, braking load, yaw angle, and tire-tread pattern. A strain -gage balance mounted on the wheel chassis of the treadmill measured both the braking friction forces and cornering forces while tachometers recorded the wheel and belt velocities. Measurements of these parameters were made in testing a smooth-treaded and a diamond-treaded 3.00 X 7 tire.

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