Measurements of aerodynamic forces and moments at subsonic speeds on a simplified T-tail oscillating in yaw about the fin midchord

Sherman A. Clevenson, Sumner A. Leadbetter
SEP 1958

Results are presented of some experimental measurements of aerodynamic forces and moments acting on a simplified T-tail configuration which is oscillating in yaw about an axis through the midchord of the vertical fin. Coefficients which define rolling moment of the horizontal stabilizer alone and rolling moment, yawing moment, and side force of the complete T-tail are shown. In the investigation the range of reduced-frequency parameter was from 0.09 to 0.56, the Mach number range was from 0.13 to 0.50, and the Reynolds number range was from 0.90 X 10-to-the-sixth to 8.21 X 10-to -the-sixth. Coefficients for the steady case (reduced-frequency parameter of zero) were calculated for the forces and moments and good agreement was indicated for all except the horizontal-stabilizer rolling-moment coefficient which was found to be of greater magnitude than was indicated by the steady-state results. Some further comparisons were made of the side-force and yawing moment on the complete T-tail with results obtained from a previous investigation for a configuration consisting of a tip tank mounted on a plan form similar to the T-tail fin alone and were found to be compatible.

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