Comparison of shock-expansion theory with experiment for the lift, drag, and pitching-moment characteristics of two wing-body combinations at M=5.0

Savin, Raymond C
Sep 1958

Lift, drag and pitching-moment coefficients for two wing-body combinations were determined from tests at a Mach number of 5.0 and angles of attack up to 9 degrees. The test models consisted of small thin wings mounted on a body composed of a fineness-ratio-3 ogival nose and a fineness-ratio-2 cylindrical afterbody. The wings were symmetrically mounted on the cylindrical portion of the body and had triangular and trapezoidal plan forms. The results of these tests are compared with results obtained by a relatively simple application of the generalized shock-expansion method in combination with the T' method of evaluating the skin-friction drag coefficients. Good agreement between theory and experiment is obtained for the total drag coefficients over the test angle-of-attack range. Theory and experiment are also found to be in good agreement for the lift and pitching-moment coefficients at the lower angles of attack. At the higher angles of attack, the theoretically determined coefficients are somewhat higher than those obtained experimentally.

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