Analysis of turbulent flow and heat transfer in noncircular passages

Robert G. Deissler, Maynard F. Taylor
Sep 1958

Previous work on turbulent heat transfer and flow in tubes was generalized and applied to flow in noncircular passages of equilateral triangular and square cross section. Expressions for eddy diffusivity that had been verified for flow and heat transfer in tubes were assumed to apply in general along lines normal to a wall. Velocity distributions, wall shear-stress distributions, and friction factors, as well as wall heat-transfer distributions, wall temperature distributions, and average heat -transfer coefficients, were calculated. In addition, results from a previous analysis for axial flow between rods were compared with new experimental data. For calculating wall temperature distributions, uniform heat generation in the passage wall and uniform heat transfer at the outer surface were assumed. The application of the results is restricted to moderately small peripheral wall temperature variations. Calculations were made for Reynolds numbers from 20,000 to 900,000 and Prandtl numbers from 0.73 to 300. Results show that velocities, shear stresses, and heat transfer in the region near the corner were lower than average values and were zero at the corner. Friction factors and average Nusselt numbers were lower than in a tube.

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