Tables and graphs of normal-shock parameters at hypersonic Mach numbers and selected altitudes

Paul W. Huber
September 1958

Tables and graphs of normal-shock parameters are presented for real air in thermal and chemical equilibrium at conditions ahead of the shock corresponding to six selected altitudes, and for temperatures behind the shock from 2,000 deg K to 11,000 deg K. The altitudes used are those representing the boundaries of the isothermal layers in that part of the earth's atmosphere considered applicable to aerodynamic flight; that is, below an altitude of 300,000 feet. The altitude data and the real-air thermodynamic data used are reliable for application to this range of altitudes. Tabulated values at each altitude as a function of the temperature behind the the shock are presented to show the variation of the normal-shock parameters with flight Mach number and altitude, and some discussion of the dependence of the parameters on the initial pressure and temperature is given. A method for adapting the data to the case of oblique shocks is included.

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