Central automatic data processing system

NACA Lewis Laboratory Staff
Apr 1958

This series of papers describes a system that will automatically record as many as 300 pressures, 200 voltages, and 24 frequencies in as little as 30 seconds to an accuracy of 0.15 percent or better of full-scale range. All information is digitized, encoded, and recorded on magnetic tape for automatic insertion into a high-speed, general-purpose digital computer. Provisions for recording computer program modification instructions are incorporated. The recorder may be connected to any of eight different test facilities, any four of which may be operating simultaneously. The system is in daily operation on a 24-hour basis and has an operating history of more than 2 years. The computer accepts the encoded data produced by the recording system and automatically calibrates it, takes averages, forms ratios, and does terminal calculations such as mass flow, momentum, distortion numbers, drag coefficients, thrust, specific fuel consumption, and efficiency. This computer has been in operation for approximately 1 year and enables the computed data to be returned to the test engineer the next day.

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