Collection of zero-lift drag data on bodies of revolution from free-flight investigations

William E. Stoney, Jr.
Jan 1958

This report presents a compilation of most of the zero-lift drag results obtained from free-flight measurements made by the Langley Pilotless Aircraft Research Division on fin-stabilized bodies of revolution. The data are arranged on standard forms, which also contain the significant geometrical factors. Supplementary data have been provided to facilitate the determination of the body pressure drags from the measured total drags. Summary plots and discussions have been included to provide a unified and broad picture of the effects of body geometry on zero-lift drag. The Mach number range of the tests extends from 0.6 to approximately 2.0 and the Reynolds numbers based on body length from 2 x 10-to-the-sixth to 100 x 10-to-the-sixth.

An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file of the entire report: