Theoretical pressure distribution for several related nonlifting airfoils at high subsonic speeds

John R. Spreiter, Alberta Y. Alksne, B. Jeanne Hyett
Jan 1958

Theoretical pressure distributions on five related airfoils, including thin symmetrical circular-arc airfoils, in two-dimensional flows with high subsonic free-stream velocity are presented. The airfoils have various locations for the point of maximum thickness ranging from 30- to 70-percent chord and are of arbitrary, although small, thickness ratio. The results are obtained by approximate solution, through an iteration process, of a nonlinear integral equation derived from the equations of transonic flow theory. It is shown that the pressure distributions display most of the principal phenomena observed in experimental studies, and are in good correspondence with those calculated by other methods for subcritical Mach numbers and for Mach numbers near 1.

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