Turbulent shearing stress in the boundary layer of yawed flat plates

Ashkenas, Harry (Cornell University)
Apr 1958

Hot-wire anemometer measurements of the turbulent shearing stress in a turbulent boundary layer on a yawed flat plate are presented. Two plates with angles of yaw of 0 degrees and 45 degrees were studied. Measurements of the intensity of turbulence were made simultaneously with the shear measurements, using a technique developed by the author. The experimental procedure is reviewed briefly and an attempt is made to evaluate the precision of the results. The measured velocity profiles are used to calculate the shear distribution and the result is compared with the result of experimental shear measurements. The unyawed-flat-plate data agree well with calculated results, whereas the 45 degree data are apparently not amenable to calculation. Some speculative remarks are included in an attempt to explain the discrepancy.

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