Performance evaluation of reduced-chord rotor blading as applied to J73 two-stage turbine :over-all performance with standard rotor blading at inlet conditions of 35 inches of mercury absolute and 700 R

Berkey, William E., Rebeske, John J., Jr., Forrette, Robert E.

The turbine operated with a maximum brake internal efficiency between 0.91 and 0.92 at an overall pressure ratio of about 3.4 and 120 percent equivalent design rotor speed. At 100 percent equivalent design speed and at a value of equivalent work output just sufficient to drive the compressor, the turbine operated with a brake internal efficiency of approximately 0.91 at an overall pressure ratio of about 2.75. The equivalent weight flow passed by the turbine at this point is slightly higher than the equivalent design value. Limiting blade loading did not occur in the last rotor over the range of conditions investigated.

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