The effect of the Sperry Messenger fuselage on the air flow at the propeller plane

Fred E. Weick
Jan 1928

In order to study the effect of the fuselage, landing gear, and engine on the air flow through the propeller, a survey was made in the plane of the Sperry Messenger propeller with the propeller removed. The tests were made in the 20-foot air stream of the propeller research tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics at Langley Field, Virginia. The variation of the velocity with distance from the center in the propeller plane was found to be appreciable and well worth consideration in the design of propellers. It was also found that the velocity through the propeller plane was affected by the presence of the engine, and that the velocity in front of the landing gear was lower than that at other points in the propeller plane having the same radius.

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