An evaluation of four experimental methods for measuring mean properties of a supersonic turbulent boundary layer

George J. Nothwang
Jan 1957

Surveys were made through a turbulent boundary layer on a flat plate by means of a pitot probe, an x-ray densitometer, and hot-wire and cold-wire probes. Results from these surveys were analyzed to determine (a) the reliability of the basic data and hence the methods by which they were obtained, and (b) how well the actual distributions of properties in the boundary layer compare with those commonly assumed in semiempirical and theoretical analyses. All surveys were made at the same longitudinal station on the flat plate. The tests were conducted in a an 8- by 8-inch supersonic nozzle. The free-stream Mach number was 3.03 and the Reynolds number was approximately 210,000 based on boundary-layer thickness.

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