Effect of sweep on performance of compressor blade sections as indicated by swept-blade rotor, unswept-blade rotor, and cascade tests

Godwin, William R
Jul 1957

An investigation has been made to determine the induced effect of sweep on an axial-flow compressor blade. Velocities of entering and exiting flow and blade-section pressure distributions were measured at three radial stations on a 30 degree swept-blade rotor of 0.60 hub-tip ratio having the same blade geometric characteristics as an NACA 65-series unswept-blade rotor for which similar quantities were measure and the results presented in NACA Technical Note 3806. In these tests, the blade tip speed was 183 feet per second and the inlet Mach number relative to the rotor ranged from 0.25 to 0.45. The blade-section pressure distributions were obtained by the use of a mercury-seal pressure-transfer device. The data for the same blade sections obtained from a two-dimensional porous-wall cascade tunnel.

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