Tables of various Mach number functions for specific-heat ratios from 1.28 to 1.38

Lewis Laboratory Computing Staff
Apr 1957

The tables of Mach number functions for a range of specific-heat ratios were compiled for use at the NACA Lewis laboratory in solving fluid-flow problems. These tables provide information supplemental to the notes and tables presented in reference 1. The program for computing the values given in the tables was prepared by members of the Lewis laboratory computing staff for processing on automatic computing equipment at the NACA Langley laboratory. The tables were prepared originally for internal use by the Lewis laboratory staff, and have proven to be effective for a wide range of fluid-flow problems. Because interest has been expressed in obtaining copies of the tables for use by a number of visitors to the Lewis laboratory, this report has been prepared in order to make the tables generally available.

An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file of the entire report: