Cascade investigation of a related series of 6-percent-thick guide-vane profiles and design charts

James C. Dunavant
May 1957

A new blade series designed to operate at near choking inlet Mach numbers and to have near maximum critical Mach numbers by employing high aerodynamic loading of the profiles in the leading-edge region and relatively straight training edges is described. Low-speed cascade tests of four blade sections at solidities of 0.75, 1.00, and 1.50 were made over a wide range of angle of attack. From these tests, design angles of attack were selected and were used in a method of determining the camber for guide -vane turning angles as high as 50 degrees. All turning angles measured at low drag conditions are plotted by the carpet-plotting method and from interpolation the necessary camber is readily obtainable for conditions other than those tested. A number of simple computations were made to estimate the high-speed characteristics of the blade series.

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