Performance of a blunt-lip side inlet with ramp bleed, bypass, and a long constant-area duct ahead of the engine : Mach number 0.66 and 1.5 to 2.1

Allen, John L
December 28, 1956

Unsteady shock-induced separation of the ramp boundary layer was reduced and stabilized more effectively by external perforations than by external or internal slots. At Mach 2.0 peak total-pressure recovery was increased from 0.802 to 0.89 and stable mass-flow range was increased 185 percent over that for the solid ramp. Peak pressure recovery occurred just before instability. The 7 and one-third-diameter duct ahead of the engine reduced large total-pressure distortions but was not as successful for small distortions as obtained with throat bleed. By removing boundary-layer air the bypass nearly recovered the total-pressure loss due to the long duct.

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