Effects of external stream flow and afterbody variations on the performance of a plug nozzle

Salmi, R J Cortright, E M , Jr
October 02, 1956

The off-design operation of an isentropic plug nozzle designed for a jet pressure ratio of 15 was investigated experimentally at subsonic Mach numbers up to 0.9 and jet pressure ratios up to 5. When installed in a cylindrical nacelle with a sharp turn at the nozzle lip, the interaction of the jet and the external stream produced low pressures on the base formed by the high lip angle. These low pressures increased the nacelle drag and caused an overexpansion of the jet, which resulted in lower pressures on the plug and, hence, reduced thrust. With a boattail ahead of the plug nozzle, the base pressures were increased and the jet overexpansion significantly reduced.

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