Boundary-layer transition at high Reynolds numbers as obtained in flight of a 20 degree cone-cylinder with wall to local stream temperature ratios near 1.0

Rabb, Leaonard Disher, John H
November 03, 1955

Boundary-layer transition data at low ratios of wall to local stream temperature have been obtained during the free flight of a highly polished cone-cylinder to a maximum Mach number of 5.02 A maximum transition Reynolds number of 32 x 10(exp 6) occurred at a distance of 25.84 inches from the cone apex. The temperature ratio at transition for a local Mach number of 4.0 was approximately 1.30 as compared with theoretical infinite stability solutions of 1.47 and 1.65 by Dunn and Lin (three-dimensional) and Van Driest (two-dimensional), respectively.

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