An investigation of the maximum lift of wings at supersonic speeds

James J. Gallagher, James N. Mueller

This report presents the results of an exploratory investigation carried out in the Langley 9-inch supersonic tunnel to determine the maximum lift of wings operating at supersonic speeds. A variety of wing plan forms of random thickness distributions were tested at Mach numbers of 1.55, 1.90, and 2.32 and at Reynolds numbers varying between 0.74 x 10(6) and 0.27 x 10(6) at angles of attack ranging from zero up through the angle at which maximum lift occurred. Subsequent pressure-distribution tests on wings of triangular and rectangular plan forms were made at a Mach number of 2.40. The results of these tests substantiated the values of maximum lift obtained during the force tests and further showed no appreciable center-of-pressure shift over the entire angle-of-attack range.

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