Performance comparisons of Navy jet mix and MIL-F-5624A (JP-3) fuels in tubular and annular combustors / Richard J. McCafferty

McCafferty, Richard J.

The performances of Navy Jet Mix and MIL-F-5624A (JP-3) fuels were compared in J33, J47, and NACA experimental annular combustion chambers. Combustion efficiencies, altitude operational limits, and carbon-forming tendencies wer determined and discussed. The results indicate that Jet Mix fuel can be utilized satisfactorily in a number of current turbojet engines over the normal operating range. Small differences in combustion efficiences and altitude operational limits existed between the two fuels but these differences depended on the particular combustor and simulated altitude and rotor speed condition. Excessive carbon deposition is not predicted for Jet Mix fuel, although this property may be marginal.

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