Experimental investigation of effects of primary jet flow and secondary flow through a zero-length ejector on base and boattail pressures of a body of revolution at free-stream Mach numbers of 1.62, 1.93, and 2.41

O'Donnell, Robert M Mcdearmon, Russell W
December 06, 1954

An investigation was made at free-stream Mach numbers of 1.62, 1.93, and 2.41 to determine the effects of a primary jet and secondary air flow on the base pressure and pressures acting over the boattailsurface of a body of revolution for two secondary discharge areas. The Mach numbers of the primary nozzles were 1 and 3.23 with the secondary mass flow being varied from 0 to 10 percent of the primary mass flow. The ratio of jet stagnation temperature to tunnel stagnation temperature was about 0.96. The Reynolds number range of the investigation was from 2.1 x 10(6) to 2.9 x 10(6)based on body length. All testing was conducted with a turbulent boundary layer along the model. This report presents results obtained with zero-length ejector and covers jet static-pressure ratios from the jet-off condition to a maximum of about 128 for the sonic nozzle and to a maximum of about 9 for the supersonic nozzle.

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