A summary of information on support interference at transonic and supersonic speeds

Love, Eugene S
January 12, 1954

An experimental investigation was performed to determine the effect on base and forebody pressures of using a sting modified with varying length splitter plates and fins instead of a conventional sting to support a cone-cylinder body of revolution. The investigation was conducted at a Mach number of 3.12 for a Reynolds number range of 2 x 10 to the 6th power to 14 x 10 to the 6th power and for an angle of attack range of 0 degrees to 9 degrees. For Reynolds numbers of 8 x 10 to the 6th power and 14 x 10 to the 6th power there was a negligible effect of the splitter plate modification on the base pressure, and at Reynolds number of 2 x 10 to the 6th power there was a small effect. Positioning the leading edge of the splitter plate at or ahead of the base made no appreciable change in the influence of the modifications on base pressure at a Reynolds number of 14 x 10 to the 6th power. With the fin-type modification there was a small increase in base pressure.

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