A preliminary study of the preparation of slurry fuels from vaporized magnesium

Witzke, Walter R Prok, George M Walsh, Thomas J
February 04, 1954

Slurry fuels containing extremely small particles of magnesium were prepared by concentrating the dilute slurry product resulting from the shock-cooling of magnesium metal vapors with a liquid hydrocarbon spray. A complete description of the equipment and procedure used in preparing the fuel is given. Ninety-five percent by weight of the solid particles formed by this process passed through a 100-mesh screen. The particle-size distribution of the screened fraction of one run, as determined by sedimentation analysis, indicated that 73 percent by weight of the metal particles were finer than 2 microns in equivalent spherical diameter. The purity of the solid particles ranged as high as 98.9 percent by weight of free magnesium. The screened product was concentrated by means of a bowl-type centrifuge from 0.5 to more than 50 percent by weight solids content to form an extremely viscous, clay-like mass. By addition of a surface active agent, this viscous material was converted into a pumpable slurry fuel.

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