Summary of free-flight performance of a series of ram-jet engines at Mach numbers from 0.80 to 2.20

North, Warren J
February 11, 1954

Data obtained from the NACA air-launched ram-jet program are summarized with emphasis placed upon the transonic propulsive thrust potential of the engines. Data are presented for boosted and non-boosted engine configurations which incorporate a single-oblique-shock or double-oblique-shock diffuser designed for critical inlet operation at flight Mach numbers of 1.8 and 2.4, respectively. The engines are evaluated in terms of flight Mach number, mass-flow ratio, diffuser pressure recovery, combustion-chamber heat release, propulsive thrust, external drag, and specific impulse. From specific impulse considerations, it appears that for some air-launched missile applications the self-accelerating supersonic ram jet may have a lower gross weight than a rocket-boosted ram jet.

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