Aerodynamics of slender bodies at Mach number of 3.12 and Reynolds numbers from 2 x 10(exp 6) to 15 x 10(exp 6) IV : aerodynamic characteristics of series of four bodies having near-parabolic noses and cylindrical afterbodies

Jack, John R Moskowitz, Barry
January 25, 1954

Pressure distributions and forces for a series of four bodies of revolution having nose-fineness ratios varying from 4 to 10 have been obtained and compared with theory for a Mach number of 3.12, a Reynolds number range of 2x10(sup)6 to 14x10(sup)6, and angles of attack from zero to 9 degrees. In general, a comparison of the experimental data with a second-order theory showed good agreement for the range of variables investigated.

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