A method of measuring jet thrust of turbojet engines in flight installations

Sivo, Joseph N Fenn, David B
January 21, 1954

Measurement of the jet thrust of a turbojet engine in flight becomes more difficult as the number and complexity of the engine components increase. It is desirable, therefore, that a general correlation of jet thrust be developed which is applicable to a simple direct reading thrustmeter. In view of this need a correlation is presented which is independent of flight conditions and applicable to both non-afterburning and afterburning engines equipped with nonejector type fixed- and variable-area convergent exhaust nozzles. The general equation used in this correlation was derived from the theoretical jet-thrust equation for a choked convergent nozzle. The data used to verify the correlation were obtained over a range of altitudes from 10,000 to 54,000 feet and a range of flight Mach numbers from 0.4 to 1.1. A thrustometer based on this equation was installed on an afterburning turbojet engine equipped with a fixed area convergent exhaust nozzle. The results indicated that a meter based on this correlation would be applicable to a flight installation and that the probable error in thrust measurement would be approximately + or -1.5 percent provided the exhaust-nozzle thrust coefficient is known.

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