Forces on airships in gusts

Burgess, C P

In this report it is shown that determining the instantaneous angle of pitch, the acceleration of the gust is as important as its maximum velocity or yaw. Hitherto it has been assumed that the conditions encountered in gusts could be approximately represented by considering the airship to be at an instantaneous angle of yaw or pitch (according to whether the gust is horizontal or vertical), the instantaneous angle being tan to the (-1) power (v/v), where v is the component of the velocity of the gust at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the ship, and v is the speed of the ship. An expression is derived for this instantaneous angle in terms of the speed and certain aerodynamic characteristics of the airship, and of the maximum velocity and the acceleration of the gust, and the application of the expression to the determination of the forces on the ship is illustrated by numerical examples.

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