A revised gust-load formula and a re-evaluation of v-g data taken on civil transport airplanes from 1933 to 1950

Kermit G. Pratt, Walter G. Walker

A revised gust-load formula with a new gust factor is derived to replace the gust-load formula and alleviation factor widely used in gust studies. The revised formula utilizes the same principles and retains the same simple form of the original formula but provides a more appropriate and acceptable basis for gust-load calculations. The gust factor is calculated on the basis of a one-minus-cosine gust shape and is presented as a function of a mass-ratio parameter in contrast to the ramp gust shape and wing loading, respectively, used for the alleviation factor. A summary of gust-velocity data from v-g records taken on civil transport airplanes from 1933 to 1950, reevaluated by the revised formula, is also presented.

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