A wind-tunnel investigation of the effects of thrust-axis inclination on propeller first-order vibration

W. H. Gray, J. M. Hallissy, Jr., A. R. Heath, Jr.

Data on the aerodynamic excitation of first-order vibration occurring in a representative three-blade propeller having its thrust axis inclined to the airstream at angles of 0 degree, 4.55 degrees, and 9.80 degrees are included in this report. For several representative conditions the aerodynamic excitation has been computed and compared with the measured values. Blade stresses also were measured to permit the evaluation of the blade stress resulting from a given blade aerodynamic excitation. It was concluded that the section aerodynamic exciting force of a pitched propeller may be computed accurately at low rotational speeds. As section velocities approach the speed of sound, the accuracy of computation of section aerodynamic exciting force is not always so satisfactory.

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