Performance and boundary-layer data from 12 degree and 23 degree conical diffusers of area ratio 2.0 at Mach numbers up to choking and Reynolds numbers up to 7.5 x 10(6)

B. H. Little, Jr., Stafford W. Wilbur

For each of two inlet-boundary-layer thicknesses, performance and boundary-layer characteristics have been determined for a 12 degree, 10-inch-inlet-diameter diffuser, a 12 degree, 21-inch-inlet-diameter diffuser, and a 23 degree, 21-inch-inlet-diameter diffuser. The investigation covered an inlet Mach number range from about 0.10 to coking. The corresponding inlet Reynolds number, based on inlet diameter, varied from about 0.5 x 10(6) to 7.5 x 10(6).

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