An analytical study of the effect of airplane wake on the lateral dispersion of aerial sprays

Wilmer H. Reed, III

Calculations are made to determine the trajectories of liquid droplets introduced into the air disturbances generated by an airplane engaged in aerial spraying. The effects of such factors as the positions at which droplets are ejected into the disturbances, airplane lift coefficient, and altitude are investigated. The distribution of deposit on the ground is computed for several droplet-size spectra, variations in the rate at which mass is ejected along the span, and lateral flight-path spacings. Consideration is then given to the problem of adjusting these factors with the aim of improving the uniformity and increasing the effective width of the deposit. The results indicate that the lateral dispersion of droplets is increased when the spanwise position at which particles are ejected is moved toward the wing tip. Greater dispersion also results when the airplane lift coefficient or altitude is increased.

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