Axial-load fatigue properties of 24S-T and 75S-T aluminum alloy as determined in several laboratories

H. J. Grover, W. S. Hyler, Paul Kuhn, Charles B. Landers, F. M. Howell

In the initial phase of a NACA program on fatigue research, axial-load tests on 24S-T3 and 75S-T6 aluminum-alloy sheet have been made at the Battelle Memorial Institute and at the Langley Aeronautical Laboratory of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. The test specimens were polished and unnotched. The manufacturer of the material, the Aluminum Company of America, has made axial-load tests on 24S-T4 and 75S-T6 rod material. The test techniques used at the three laboratories are described in detail; the test results are presented and are compared with each other and with results obtained on unpolished sheet by the National Bureau of Standards.

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