On the use of the indicial-function concept in the analysis of unsteady motions of wings and wing-tail combinations

Murray Tobak

The concept of indicial aerodynamic functions is applied to the analysis of the short-period pitching mode of aircraft. By the use of simple physical relationships associated with the indicial-function relationships concept, quantitative studies are made of the separate effects on the damping in pitch of changes in Mach number, aspect ratio, plan-form shape, and frequency. The concept is further shown to be of value in depicting physically the induced effects on a tail surface which follows in the wake of a starting forward surface. Considerable effort is devoted to the development of theoretical techniques whereby the transient response in lift at the tail to the wing wake may be estimated. Numerical results for several representative cases are presented, and these are analyzed to reassess the importance of the contribution to the rotary damping moment of the interference lift at the tail.

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