Theoretical study of the transonic lift of a double-wedge profile with detached bow wave

Walter G. Vincenti, Cleo B. Wagoner

A theoretical study is described of the aerodynamic characteristics at small angle of attack of a thin, double-wedge profile in the range of supersonic flight speed in which the bow wave is detached. The analysis is carried out within the framework of the transonic (nonlinear) small-disturbance theory, and the effects of angle of attack are regarded as a small perturbation on the flow previously calculated at zero angle. The mixed flow about the front half of the profile is calculated by relaxation solution of a suitably defined boundary-value problem for transonic small-disturbance equation in the hodograph plane (i.e., the Tricomi equation). The purely supersonic flow about the rear half is found by an extension of the usual numerical method of characteristics. Analytical results are also obtained, within the framework of the same theory, for the range of speed in which the bow wave is attached and the flow is completely supersonic.

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