Ignition delays of some nonaromatic fuels with low-freezing red fuming nitric acid in temperature range -40 to -105 F

Miller, Riley O.

Ignition-delay experiments were conducted in a modified open-cup apparatus with a low-freezing red fuming nitric acid. Data indicate that allylamine, mixed alkyl thiophosphites and ethylenimine can be diluted with as much as 70 percent triethylamine and ignite with average delays of approximately 41 milliseconds or less at minus 76 degrees F. Ethylenimine diluted with 50 percent n-heptane ignited with average delays of 60 and 104 milliseconds, respectively, at minus 40 and minus 105 degres F. Blends of 50-percent allylamine in triethylamine and 50 percent ethylenimine in triethylamine gave average delays of 50 and 33 milliseconds, respectively, at minus 105 degrees F (acid super-cooled).

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